Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is a hot topic. Indeed. Lately the Samsung is definitely catching up on Apple. We all know how the Iphone is one of the most popular inventions of the modern days' mobile products business. I used to be Iphone fan I really was. I have used the original one, 4, 4s and 5.

What I like about the iPhone:
- It's fast.
- It's user friendly (although it depends on the type of user you are, because let's face it: customization - nearly 0).
- It has very good (if not the best) built community hub as well as iTunes software where you can buy pretty much everything. Either will it be music, videos, apps, pictures - you name it. It's very controversial if the iTunes software is good to use, manage and get used to, but that's a whole other topic.
- It is the most "app-development" preferred platform which indeed gives you hundreds of thousands applications of all types. (This is not written to start the whole Android vs iOS war. As an android user I am man enough to face the facts and accept it.)
- It runs iOS which is based on Apple's oparating system platform. It is stable, fast, very little amount of bugs and glitches.
I won't list the things I didn't like about the iPhone but let's just say that music transfer/default ringtone management is/was terrible(and that's an understatement) As well as the small screen space. Face it - Samsung beats the crap out of iPhone's screen size (so does the HTC One by the way).

What I like about the Samsung:
- It's faster. Way faster. The 1.2Ghz iPhone cannot compete with the 1.9Ghz Samsung (the model in my country ships with that processor speed). The iPhone's memory 1024 vs 2048 of Samsung's is just a lost battle for the iPhone. 2 cores vs 8? Is this even a fair battle? You might say not but then agian, there are different types of users who are more than satisfied with the specifications of the iPhone and it is enough for them to operate it fast, easy and without lag.
- The bigger screen. Yes, it is a matter of personal choice but you can't really expect me to believe that watching youtube videos, movies or tv shows on your iPhone is a better experience than on the Samsung. No, it is not. Nearly inch bigger, it makes huge difference.
- So I have this friend who told me "...yea maybe but my iPhone makes way better pictures than your Samsung!". Let me just express myself here with a smiley -   :-)))
1.2Megapixel front camera vs 2.0 Megapixel front camera
8Megapixel rear camera vs 13Megapixel rear camera
And few options that the iPhone does not have regarding the camera and compared to the Galaxy S4:
* Burst mode
* Dual camera record
* Sound and shot
 Yes sir. Samsung's camera beats your camera. Sorry.

Since this review and blog is not intended for the highly educated and experienced gadget masters of the Universe, I am trying to help the people who have busy enough daily life to choose a smartphone based on what they actually need. 

The era of using mobile phonez "just to make calls" is long ago forgotten. Everybody needs (not should have but need) connectivity via mobile device. Yes you can manage your day, week, month etc better with the mobile device (either phone or tablet). It can save you time! A lot of benefits come by using your phone while on the move. Writing and reading e-mails, having discussions in social networks/private networks video conferrences while you are on the train for example. Managing finances and business reports/spreadsheets etc. is a key point of why you need this gadget. And there is the whole sharing, staying in touch side of the device that really helps you interract with your friends and family while you are on a trip, let's say. 

Back to the main point. iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4. 
In a matter of:
- Speed
- Productivity
- Specifications
- Camera
- Ease-of-use for files
- Screen resolution and size
- Battery
We have a winner. Samsung Galaxy S4. If you are to spend money on a device that has a simillar price - go for the Samsung. If you want to live the whole "Apple is religion" madness go for the iPhone. Because that's the only and ONLY thing that the iPhone has over the Samsung. Buying iPhone with such reason will have you one day wondering: "did I made the right choice? It is slower than the Samsung after all?!" 

I found this cool review that compares those two phones where you can view the tech specs of the devices as well as some of the big names in the industry feedbacks. View that review here.

Let me know about your experience with both of the phones. Why you like the iPhone or the Samsung. Keep in mind that this blog is not intended to make you a fan of either of the brands. Just to help you with a personal point of view and experience.

P.S. Don't be a hipster!

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